What is one thing you can change about the way you teach PL to make it more accessible?

The field of programming languages, in both its theoretical and applied disciplines across academia and industry, is missing Black people. Plain and simple. There is strong evidence that computer science instructors subscribe to a bimodal model of student aptitude, disproportionately assuming Black students incapable of learning their material. This attitude amongst instructors, combined with the assumption that there is inherently a high theoretical threshold to work in programming languages, undoubtedly contributes to the unacceptable absence of Black students and scholars of PL.

While there have been efforts to change the way “CS 101” is taught to an extent, no such efforts have been made to change the pedagogy of “PL 101.” This track is intended for anyone who teaches programming language theory, functional programming, or another relevant subject in any capacity. Through challenging your assumptions about your own instruction, you will hopefully arrive at a concrete way you might be able to improve it. (See readings for ideas!)

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